London ...... part 4

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When in Rome ............ hee hee! One of the things I was really looking forward to was to eat at a real British pub - they had so many wonderful places to eat, but this was so fun! We found London to be wonderful and the people so friendly. While they were accepting of children, I wouldn't exactly say they embraced them ..... London changed the no children in the pub period law to up til 5 pm, lucky for us! We had a bountiful bouquet of fish & chips & shepard's pie, etc .......... oh la lah yummo!

While touring close to the River Thames, I took a picture of my Victoria on the "Victoria Embankment" - cute, eh? I was reading the street map, turned to see her tracing the letters of her name (and, ahem, the Queen's, lol!) and was so happy to have my camera for this impromptu photo!
I simply cannot offer any explanation for this ............ ROFL!! This was a neat war museum we visited - complete with real WW 2 remake .... (sights, sounds, smells - a complete transportation back in time - riveting, indeed)

How the "other half" shop ......... rofl! Harrods - my oh my! I secretly hoped to visit here before we left and dh just knew ..... my parents and I visited London when I was 6 and we bought some small dolls which I still have today. They are one of my grandest treasures! I hoped to find them here, since we had visited several other toy stores in London to no avail ...... while we loved going floor to floor, the kids picking something special in the toy department, we didn't find anything similiar so I am blessed to still have mine!
Kaitlyn trying to decide between 2 bears at Harrods :)


  1. Anonymous8/10/2009

    Kelly - thank you sooo much for sharing! What wonderful pictures and great commentary. I cannot wait to see the rest of your trip - even if it's "just" in photo format!

  2. It took me a bit, but I'm through all 4 parts! Love it!!!! Looks like you hit all the highlights and had a blast! Love seeing the pics of the kiddos having fun. Now where are the pics of Mom & Dad???? :D
    Thanks for sharing!