Introducing ........ my granddaughter, Alice!

Hello friends!

*(Very picture heavy post!)*

There's a new little someone in our family ...
my granddaughter, Alice! ♥
With her birth, I went from the title of mom to 4 children to grandma!
Our oldest daughter and her husband blessed us with the gift of her
in October of last year and she is already the light of our lives :)
She is the first grandchild and is the delight to our hearts ...
 There is MANY arms for snuggling and a lot of hearts she's already filled!

Here's Alice!

 Alice with her mommy, our oldest daughter, at Christmas:

Alice and I opening the album!


I wanted to share with you all an absolutely beautiful gift
 I received from my very sweet and special friends
 ~ a baby album!

Each of the pages were lovingly created in the album for Alice ♥
I love that each of the pages are so unique and have her little name on them,
show the seasons for her first year of growing up,
and the love that was layered into each of these sweet pages!

From:  Lorraine

From Barb

 From Jeanette

 From Lynn M.

From Liz

 From Liz

From Kadie

From the Texas sisters, Suzy and Debby

 From Tracie

From Pansy

 From Susan

From Shelly
6 lovely pages from Carol!

And Laura Jean's 4 beautiful pages!

From Darlene!

From Terry A

And from my 'boss' at The Project Bin, Denise!

I'm so very toughed and grateful for this gorgeous gift!
It will be cherished and loved!
Thank you all so much!

Big hugs, bigger blessings!


  1. How beautiful, Kelly - So glad you were blessed by it.

  2. What a super cutie! All the best for her and you all, hugs, Valerie

  3. Congrats on your lovely granddaughter, Kelly...she is such a cutie!
    What a beautiful album has been made for you! Cherish it!
    xxx Margreet

  4. Congratulations Kelly gorgeous baby and photo's great album.
    Gr Karin

  5. Congratulations Grandma Kelly. That picture is so precious, and you are so blessed. The scrapbook is wonderful and a great keepsake. Enjoy your gift.

  6. Congratulations Kelly your Granddaughter looks so cute and what a wonderful present from your friends too.

    Sue xx

  7. What wonderful gifts. First that beautiful baby girl - how precious - congratulations. Then the scrapbook. Such an awesome idea, I have a drawer of untouched scrapbooking albums and tools. I said that I was going to scrapbook the kids growing up. This is already for you to just pick out the photos! Such a wonderful gift from your friends. Congratulations again Kelly, a beautiful family!

  8. AAAAWWWWWWW. What a sweet baby and I love the pictures of your wonderful album for a sweet Grandma. Well Deserved!

  9. Oh my, how sweet and delicious baby!!! Pure cuteness!! Welcome little one!! :)
    She is really beautiful as your daughter and yourself are :)
    And your friends have gifted you with a fabulous album to treasure the best photos of your granddaughter, wow!
    Big congrats!!

  10. What a lovely family! And what a special "gift" you received! Fabulous idea from you friends. something you will treasure forever! And it sure fits your word of the year "gift"

  11. She is so sweet and beautiful!! You are so blessed!! What a doll!! And what an amazing gift!! All the pages are amazing!! Congrats, Kelly!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. Such a sweet little girl. Grands are just the best. What a fabulous gift for you and for Alice. I know you'll fill it with all the loving pictures that will be taken of her over the years and it will be a wonderful memento.

  13. Your Granddaughter is so precious- and I love the beautiful photo's of her! I love your wonderful book- and it will be a blessing for many years- filled with pictures of pure joy and love!

  14. Alice is so beautiful Kelly and a new treasure for your family. The book is so lovingly made for you to fill with love and memories. Big hugs and blessings, Carol S.xxxx

  15. Kelly thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of your beautiful grandbaby....Thank you also for posting all the pictures of the pages in the book. I loved seeing them all. When participating in the project one is always curious how it will turn out and everyone did such an amazing job for a very amazing friend and new grandma. Congratulations Kelly....she is a living doll!!!

  16. Oh, what a blessing from God! She is so beautiful, Kelly! Thanks for sharing her photo and the wonderful baby book. My daughter gave me another beautiful granddaughter in October as well. There is nothing like being a Nana! Congratulations!

  17. Kelly that is beautiful thanks for sharing, I'm sorry I was not able to add to the book but was in the middle of moving with all my craft stuff packed, most is still packed....Miss Alice is beautiful enjoy!!!!

  18. Kelly, what precious pictures of your granddaughter! Such a cutie-pie!!! And the album... I loved being able to see all of it, too!

  19. AWE!! Now how precious is she?!! What gorgeous photos and I can see you've been a very busy grandma!! What a happy ocassion to make a scrapbook too!! Thanks for sharing!! :) Kisses and hugs to little baby!!

  20. Kelly - thanks for sharing your book with us. Alice is just adorable and so lucky to have you for a grandma.

  21. I loved checking out each and every page made for the beautiful Miss Alice! I hope to see it again when it is filled with all her gorgeous pictures!!!