New blog series: Spot the Difference!

Hi friends!

My son is home from his week in New York City 
and we are just are just enchanted by his photos and stories!

Since he's settling in, 
I'm blogging and making cards!
One of the new things I promised myself I'd do in 2019 is several new series!

And I have to thank my daughter, Chrissy, for coming up 
with the cute and clever title:  Spot the Difference!

The purpose of this series is to use up my scraps, leftovers, throw-aways,
pieces on the table after the cardmaking!
So often I look around and see ... a piece of this, a piece of that,
and into the basket it goes.

Not.  anymore.  more!

I'll take all those pieces and create two cards!
They will be strikingly similar since it's using the same paper, dies, paint, etc
but yet different on their own accord!

Using Honey Bee Stamps, I created two cards.
The basic idea and design is the same, maybe even the same stamp,
and just a little difference to spot!
I used my die from Neat and Tangled as a stencil (it cleans right off!),
my Catherine Pooler and Ranger Inks and blended them into the cardstock.


For the Blah Humbunny card, I used these two stamp sets here and here.
I trimmed the background stenciled piece for a smaller backdrop and popped the bunny up ~ the expression made me think of how I feel on a Monday!
For the Forest friends card, this was actually the oops!
After I saw it on the craft table, 
I decided I simply couldn't just toss it out,
I scooped it back up, looked at it again and this card was created.

Can you SPOT the DIFFERENCE? :)

I hope you have enjoyed this fun new blog series premiere!
I'll be doing this a couple of times in the month ...
changed up a bit each time in different ways!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Big hugs, bigger blessings ♥


  1. What a great challenge you have given yourself here Kelly - is the difference the sentiment placement? Love them both and it's a great and cheerful background you have used

  2. ahhhhhh these are super cute and gorgeous cards Kelly
    Gr Karin

  3. Two fabulous cards Kelly, I love the bright cheery background you made.

    Sue xx

  4. I've spotted a few differences, Kelly! LOL There is a touch of green in one of the stenciling jobs, the shapes of the matted pieces behind the characters are different, & the card bases are a different color, Oh, & one banner comes off the matted piece behind the characters on one side, whereas the other comes off the card base on the other side. LOL AND ANOTHER, one has ONE green enamel dot! I think I've covered it well! LOL Your cards are ADORABLE, Kelly! Honey Bee has SUCH CUTE STAMPS! I also LOVE your Snoopy graphic!!! INKY HUGS for your SWEET VISIT!!! ;)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, spotting the difference is always fun..lovely cards..x

  6. Awww... Great way to use what remains on your table!!! Love both these super cute cards and your stencilled background looks just perfect with the cute critters!
    I can see some little differences, but the big ones in my opinion are
    1) the bunny isn't coloured, while the group of critters in the other card have light colours
    2) the bunny base card is white, the other is kraft colour
    Spot the difference is so fun! :D

  7. Congrats on coming up with a great new idea to use our craft supplies and tidbits! Loving both these bunny cards, and the great backgrounds on both! The differences are fun and challenging to look for, and BTW, those elongated bunny ears are too much fun :)

  8. Two fabulous cards, Kelly, no matter how alike or different!! You have the cutest critters ever, and I love the stenciled backgrounds!!

  9. They are both adorable. Love the bright background for these cute little critters. There are a few differences, shape of background, color of card base, the way the sentiment is positioned. The only difference I see on the critters is where the ear hole is on the bunny. However, that is the way the stamp is! LOL.

  10. Both are adorable cards with great backgrounds. Love how you look on Mondays.
    xxx Margreet

  11. Both our great cards...so cute! I like how you came up with an idea to use your extra bits, etc. I plan on trying to do something like that....because in trying to clean up my craft room...I have so many UNFinished cards...I hope to try and complete them and instead of throwing out the "bits"

  12. They're both so adorable!! I love the colors of the backgrounds and the sweet critters!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. Such a fun idea! Love that little bunny with Mondays!

  14. Both cards are fabulous and a great idea to use up those scraps and extra images that are always laying around. The main difference I spotted was the mat on the bunny card was shaped on two corners. Have fun with this technique.

  15. Two super cute cards Kelly and love the adorable critters. A great use of scraps. Big hugs and blessings, Carol S.xxxx

  16. Kelly, this is a great series... and what a great title (yay Chrissy!). Your cards are gorgeous!!! And look at you... using a die as a stencil. Very clever. I did that once, except I thought I had to "make" a stencil by die-cutting a piece of CS. DUH! It never crossed my mind to just use the die.

  17. What a great Challenge--I look forward to seeing your cards. These first two sure are cute!

  18. beautiful cards!

  19. Awesome cards Kelly. Such a fun idea. Great job.

  20. what a cool blog series! So cute!