RSG: Waving from Ireland!

 Hi sweet friends!

I'm not really waving from Ireland - just in my heart ♥
I am 1/2 Irish (and why my dad named me Kelly!) 
so this is always a fun time of the year
(Covid19 not included!)

And my birthday is coming up soon ~
which means we'll be REALLY creatively celebrating this year, LOL!

Back to Ireland!
Today is the newest card for the blog series Ready, Set, Go ~
a card group that takes a challenge and goes a little more extreme.
Sometimes they are a real challenge and way outside the box,
and other times they are pretty simple like this month.
Barb is our hostess and this is her challenge:
We post on the 18th of March,  the day after St. Patrick’s Day. 
 You have been tasked to make a card or project using green someplace.
  You also need to do some research and showcase something Irish, other than a shamrock.  It can be another symbol, a food, area of Ireland,  a celebration or tradition,  etc. 
anything to do with Ireland and the Irish people.
Ready? Set? Go!
 I grew up {mostly} in Europe 
and castles and castle ruins were often my playground :)
We even lived blocks from one in our town of Ulmen,
along the Cochem-Zell are of the Rhineland.
Right by our house was the Castle Ulmen, built in the 11th century
 and my brother and I rode our bikes there to spend hours upon hours
jumping around it and playing endless activities.
It's nestled on the southern embankment of the Ulmener Maar
(huge lake, perfect for swimming in the summer when it was stifling hot!)
 Except when we first moved to this small town, 
and barely spoke 3 words of German at that time,
 the neighborhood kids tried to scare us away
by telling us the ghosts of all the knights killed in battle lived in that lake
and would pull us down and drown us if we dared to go in the water.
It was a great way to keep the marr to themselves and us out of it -
and believe me, we didn't go in!
And the connection to our Ready, Set, Go challenge?
I ADORE them ♥

We visit them every time we plan a trip to Europe
and have taken the kids 3 times ~
each time it is a MUST on the itinerary.
And, of course, there's the one in Magic Kingdom which I've seen 100 times or so.
Having dinner there inside Cinderella's castle was a bucket list moment CHECK!

Ireland has some of the most beautiful castles 
and on my bucket list to see 2 in particular ...
maybe if I hit the lottery one day :)

I've used a really old Inkadinkado stamp with a castle on it.
For the Irish aspect, aside from the castle, I used the colors of the flag ~
orange, green and white.
I used the MFT Cloud stencil to create the clouds with Ranger Ink's distress oxide ink in dried marigold
and the green grass from is from a mat stack from Lawn Fawn.

 Since we're a group of 3, 
you can see Barb's card here
and Jeanette's card here.
It's a pretty simple card overall and I call it my one and done :)
I left the castle intentionally uncolored (that's twice in a row!)
For someone who LOVES to color (me!)
you can tell it's a sign of the times ... no time!
I'm the hostess for next month
and have quite a challenge in mind! :)
 Thanks for stopping by!
Big hugs, bigger blessings ♥


  1. Interesting about your childhood in Europe. Love your card too!

  2. I was lucky enough to go twice to Cinderella's castle at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. Once with my children and a few years later with my husband. Love your gorgeous card and the castle is stunning Kelly. Beautiful clouds in the background too. Big hugs and blessings, Carol S.xxxx

  3. Kelly--your card is so pretty. I love the image as that castle is so iconic. You will need to get me the names of some of the special places we need to see when we go. Love the clouds--this is a stunning card. Thanks for joining me on this trip this month!

  4. Your card is beautiful, Kelly. I love the sky you've created and the castle image is gorgeous. It reminds me of the amazing Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, which we've visited several times. The castle was used in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. xx

  5. Kelly, I loved reading your post of castles, lakes, and childhood adventures! I also loved hearing how you made your card - which is a BEAUTY!

  6. I love this fabulous castle in the clouds, Kelly!!

  7. Hi Kelly, a fabulous card, love the cloud background and colours.
    How wonderful to grow up in areas where you could see castles like this, Kate x

  8. Oh how wonderful to be able to play in a castle!!! That would have been a dream childhood, for me anyway!
    I do hope that one day you will get to Ireland to see the castles you so want to.Loving you card Kelly and the way you have incorporated the colours of the flag into it
    Stay safe

  9. I so enjoyed reading this post and what wonderful memories you must have. Your castle card is fabulous and I love the way you designed it x.