Mission ... Possible!

Hi friends!
Happy March!

I love March and the approach of the first day of spring,
and in just a few months, it will be summer
and our schedules free up a lot!
 And I also love that my birthday is in March
and my family always makes it a fun week/end!

I hope you had a marvelous weekend!
We've enjoyed some cooler temps here 
and spent nearly the entire weekend outdoors ♥

Today's card is an absolute mess!
But, let me 'splain!

 Mission ..... Possible is a new card group started by Jeanette,
and she graciously invited Barb and myself to join her in this mission.
The idea is based on a product she bought - and then 2 more - 
and she packed up the 'mystery' item and mailed it to us.
This will be a quarterly challenge and we 3 will attempt
the mission in a creative way. 

Jeanette's card is here +
Barb's card is here.

 And the mystery item is ....
 Ink on 3 Liquid Pixie Dust!
I confess, the only Pixie Dust I'm used to is what we see at
Walt Disney World in the Peter Pan ride, LOL!

 Image result for tinkerbell pixie dust gif

 For my card, I decided to go in the direction of a brick wall with graffiti.
The melancholy bunny from Honey Bee Stamps
was my muse and my idea was: brick wall, stencil, paints, graffiti.

I just picked up some Tim Holtz distess oxide spray in Cracked Pistachio
and knew I was going to work with the brick wall stencil as a background.
My thought was:  The pixie dust and oxide would be a nice pairing.


Unfortunately you can't see either very well
(what's that saying? Can't see the forest through the trees?!)
because I paired both with a matching color of distress oxide ink.
In hindsight, a hue in the same color wheel would have worked better
rather than the exact. same. color!
After distress oxide ink blending the background with the stencil,
I spritzed the oxide spray all over the cardstock.

Tip:  Let this dry overnight! 
It's wet like the Rio Grande, my friends!
I tried the heat gun and didn't like the result
so I spritzed several more and let them dry overnight = ta da!
Once I picked a panel I liked, I popped in a piece of snow hill stitched white cardstock as a base sidewalk and added the Ink on 3 Pixie Dust
by adding it to a paint brush and randomly flicking it onto the 'wall' piece.
 I added a frame and popped up the bunny on foam, added some dots,
stamped on the sentiment from a Paper Smooches set 
and there. you. go!

I stenciled,
distress oxided, 
spritzed distress paint,
spritzed again with some Pixie Dust,
and this card did not self destruct!

 I'd say ...
Mission Accomplished!

The card actually turned out cute and the creative process was a fun one,
despite the mishaps and mess.
I think the jury is still out on whether Pixie Dust is for me...

unless I'm at Walt Disney World, of course :)

Thanks for stopping by!
Big hugs, bigger blessings ♥


  1. Beautiful card. Have a great March! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Gorgeous card and background colours Kelly...H ave a happy birthday month..Loz

  3. Wow, what a job, but your card is gorgeous !! Hugs, Enny

  4. I wish I was there Kelly, I'm fed up with all the rain we are getting here in the UK. A fabulous card as always.

    Sue xx

  5. It’s a pretty monochromatic card, even if you felt you had some trouble with it. I think it looks great!

  6. You made me smile with the pixies dust and the tiny fairy Campanellino... :D Great work with all those products you used and the super sweet bunny!! Love the monochrome. Thanks for the inspiration, I have to use more my stencils!

  7. Sounds like you went through such a challenge to complete this challenge. It is a sweet card.

  8. This card is so sweet. What a fantastic plan and I really do think you accomplished the mission! Great design and I love it! I am glad to be on this mission with you and Jeanette!

  9. Yes, yes, YES! Mission Accomplished for sure! Your card is adorably sweet and it sounds like quite a labor of love, too. You gave it your all and it turned out awesome! Thank you for taking on Mission Possible!

  10. Ohhh, this is so danged cute - I LOVE it!! The background looks sensational and I may be existing underneath a rock because I've never heard of Pixie Dust! LOL Whatever you did, this is a super cool card and I think this color is my favorite among Tim's long list of inkpads!

  11. Awe! That bunny is just as sweet as can be! I love your sprayed brick background along with the colors! Sounds like such a fun creative challenge to do with friends too! HUGS

  12. You pulled this one off perfectly, Kelly! Totally love it! The background is spectacular. Great inspiration here!

  13. How fun to adventure with different products and techniques! I love your monochromatic card- the brick wall is great- love the look of the background. Fun card!

  14. Kel this is adorable. Just LOVE that background.

  15. Fabulous card, such a cute image and wonderful colouring and design, Kate x

  16. Really cute card and image-love the background and the private challenges you have
    carol x

  17. Love your awesome stenciled and splattered background for this sweet bunny, Kelly!!

  18. I have no idea what pixie dust is, but I think your card and background look great. I did have a laugh at your "wet as the Rio Grande" comment and have to ask if there is a Rio Grande I'm not aware of? I live along the Rio Grande and you can walk across the thing and might get your ankles wet during rainy season! LOL.

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