Introducing - a Hot Mess!

Hi friends!

Today I'm making a mess!
As in a Hot Mess :)

My friends Barb, Jeanette and Terry had a crazy idea.
They said 'Let's create a card group! And make messes!
 And call it a Hot Mess ~ Success!

getting messy?
oh yes ... what time?!! :)

For this first card, I went with something messy yet familiar :)
And that was it for the background ~
easy peasy and yes, messy!
 The idea is to create a card using any of the 'messier' techniques to cardmaking ... water colors, paints, inks, shaving cream, etc.
Once a month, we'll create a card that requires us to make a mess 
- and be successful!

 Back to my card base ......... I let the alcohol inks basically do their magic!
I made several background pieces and
after the colors blended together, I noticed that one piece 
looked like an underwater scene with a cave.
Not really sure where I got that from ~
we did recently watch The Goonies! :)

So underwater cave it is!
I went through my huge container of colored images from The Daily Marker
and remembered the Lawn Fawn sublime stamps and die cuts.
They were already colored and ready to go ~
all I did was move them around on the paper until I was happy with their placement and pop them up on foam for dimension.

I've lived in Florida for most of my adult life and this scene,
although just ink and paper, stands out from a trip to Peacock Springs
where adventure trails, camping and cave diving are the highlights!

Barb, Terry and Jeanette have also made messy cards today
and if you want to see their cards, each name is their blog.
We plan to make cards once a month, every 2nd Monday,
and I'm sure it will be quite a mess success! 

Before you go, if you made it this far - thank you!
I have some pretty important tests today with a specialist.
I pray I'm able to find answers to my painful journey of the past few months.
I haven't been able to walk right and hobble around on a cane most days :(
If you could think some good thoughts or say a prayer, I'd be so grateful ♥

Thanks for stopping by today!
Big hugs, bigger blessings ♥


  1. This is such a fun background! I love how you added the orangey red at the bottom to make a great scene.

  2. Amazing alcohol ink piece and really it is a perfect scene or your underwater cave card!!!!! WOW!! So artful!!! And cute, too! :) Those vibrant colours are vitaminic!!! :D

  3. What a fabulous card Kelly, I love the vivid colours of the background and that cute little diver.
    I hope you get good news from your tests, I'll keep you in my thoughts and send out positive vibes, hugs Kate x

  4. What a gorgeous underwater cave!! The background looks amazing!! I love the little scuba diver and sea critters!! Praying that all goes well with your tests and you are able to find out what's wrong. Sending hugs your way :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Love your background with the underwater cave. Great idea to use the scuba diver and the fishes. Hope the tests went well. Keep you in my thoughts!
    Dutch hugs!
    xxx Margreet

  6. Gorgeous fun backgrounds Kelly, I love using my inks too, fun underwater scene with the shark, divers and other undersea critters..fabulous card.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  7. It really does look like a cave - the perfect background for your underwater scene! Hope the tests are successful and you get to the bottom of the problem. Prayers and positive vibes being sent your way!

  8. Poor you Kelly. I hope the tests show what the problem is and then what treatment will be, to get you back to normal and pain free. I love your fun card Kelly and the background is brilliant. Very cute fishes and even the shark looks very happy!! Big hugs, blessings and prayers for you Kelly, Carol S.xxxx

  9. Great card Kelly! This is one of the techniques i want to try in the future...it's on the short list! I am very happy to be a Hot Mess :-)

  10. Prayer sent. I always say I don't have the most elaborate prayers, but I know they are heard.

    And your background is beautiful. Reminds me of an erupting volcano underwater. So pretty.

  11. The background piece is gorgeous and I too see a cave under water! GMTA LOL Super cute and fun card, and I hope all your tests were positive and you find the help you're looking for. Living in pain is not fun :(

  12. Wonderful background on your beautiful card.

  13. Prayers and hugs that the tests give a definitive result Kelly..
    Loving this amazing card - what a great imagination you have :). Loving the background!!

  14. A fantastic card Kelly, the background you created is Amazing. Sending good luck wishes your way, hope you get some answers.

    Sue xx

  15. It does look like a cave--how awesome! Sweet card and I am so happy you gave me the name for this group and an idea for getting messy was hatched!

  16. WOW! I love your background... I love how cool it turned out! Alcohol inks really are fun & messy to play with, but they come up with such fabulous designs... Praying all goes well for you! HUGS!


  17. Such a beautiful card, stunning background ! So sad to hear that you are not well, I do hope and pray that the doctors can help you. Hugs, Enny

  18. Kelly, your messiness is absolutely gorgeousness on paper! WOW! That does look like an underwater cave and your stamped images are the perfect addition. Love love LOVE this card! Now about the specialist, I know I'm late, but I've been praying. Hopefully you're all better sooner than soon!

  19. Love your card Kelly! That messy background is awesome! Prayers coming your way! I have sciatica which is very painful. So far just in my right leg. Hopefully it will be something simple to fix. Healing hugs!