3M: Friendship is ....

Welcome to the journey of an imperfect card that almost wasn't!

Creating this card was an 'everything is going wrong'

and taking what I thought was going to be 

unsalvageable to the salvageable!

Okay ... it's called Smoke and Mirrors ...  who am I kidding :)

Hi friends!

Today's card is for the 3M (3 Musketeers) card group

 that was invented by my good friend, Jeanette!

She invited Barb and myself to join her in this challenge

where we take turns chosing ONE image, mailing it,

and all 3 of us create a card using that same stamped image.

(I'd like to share we ONLY share images that are allowed by the company's angel policies!)

This month, Barb chose the image and it's a beauty!

Unfortunately, my card is not as I ran into a wee bit a lot of trouble.

What went wrong:

1. The first of three images was chewed up in the Scan 'n Cut.

Like 'the dog ate my homework' mangled!

2.  The second was traced way outside the scanned lines by the SNC

like a failed sobriety test - just NOWHERE close to being usable.

And that left me with one final image.

3. I used new to me alcohol based 'copic-like' markers

 and they are NO BUENO!

They leaked and feathered something awful 

and my floral colored image ended up looking like 

I watercolored it outside the lines... but I didn't!


What went right!

1. I did my best to 'clean it up' by recoloring the image again, 

this time with copic markers

and blended/resaturated the image to move the old ink a bit.

2. I used the trusty white signo gel pen to clean up 

some of the outside feathering and add a little extra to the petals.

It's stil not perfect but it's better!

Here's the front of my completed card and it's using 

3. Pretty papers to compliment the image!

4.  A pop of pink from the rhinestones added to the flowers.

I normally don't show the inside of my cards 

so that the recipient can have a little surprise.

But for this card, here's the sweet sentiment that Barb sent.

and finally #5 ~ it fits into an A2 envelope perfectly!

I'm happy I was able to turn around this NAY to a YAY!

Perserverance :)

Thanks for reading this far if you've made it!

You can see Barb's card here and Jeanette's card here on their blogs.

Question time!

Do you have any tips on how you've salvaged a card?

I'd love to hear your ways that have worked for you.

If it were my stamp, I could have easily stamped another

but with just one image left, I'd love to hear your success stories!

I never know when I'll have another oopsie :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ms. Kelly--I think your card is so pretty! I would never guess there were so many issues with the image as I think it is beautiful. I love the added white ink! Relax my friend--it is just ink and paper!

  2. Oh Kelly, what you see as an Oopsie, I see as an absolutely gorgeous card! Your vibrant colors and a wee bit of black (you knew I'd notice that) look awesome with the lilies and the dramatic design. Perfection!

  3. You're too hard on yourself! You managed to save the day with the white Signo pen! Striking result! Love the vivid pinks with the black.

  4. Your card is beautiful Kelly, a lovely floral image and beautifully colours. Your choice of background papers is brilliant and a wonderful inside too, Kate x

  5. Beautiful card. So Vibrant! The one tip that I wish I had heard about sooner (One that probably everyone else knew) If you glue your card front wrong, crooked,, whatever, you can use your embossing heat gun to take it apart again) I can't tell you how many times I have had to do that to my cards now...I'm just glad it works. I wish I had learned that sooner...(Less cards would have gone into the trash).

    1. Oh Jill, this is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing it - I actually have tried to pull up the paper and ripped it! Such a brilliant tip that I am sure to try! Thanks for sharing it :)

  6. What a beautiful card Kelly
    and I read what JD tells I did not know that so also a tip for me.
    Gr Karin

  7. Wonderful card, love it! Hugs, Valerie

  8. A beautiful card Kelly and love the papers. If I go over the image outline, I get a medium grey Copics and go around the whole image, making it look like a shadow. Big hugs and blessings, Carol S.xxxx

  9. Kelly this is a wonderful card. It is stunning and no one would ever know you had so many issues creating it. It looks wonderful. Great job my friend.

  10. Some days seem want make us crazy... but perseverance always win! :D Well done! Great result, nobody could say that you have had so much troubles!!
    All your colouring looks great, Kelly! Beautiful card, so vibrant!
    I never can waste nothing...so I fussy cut my images with blobs or bad colouring (sometime I save only a part of the image)and put them in a container to use later in other cards.

  11. What a great 'save' Kelly - love how you have added the white to the petals as detailing after using it to blank out the overrun. Embellishments tend to be my way of covering up an oops...
    Stay safe

  12. I love these vibrant lilies! What a gorgeous card, Kelly!!