24 Hour Blueprints - Round 1!

Hi friends!

There's a new card challenge series on my blog

that you'll be seeing every other month ...

Welcome to 24 Hour Blueprints ~ May 2021!

This was inspired by dear friend, Sheila, 

who had a zoom session with her friends using card sketches.

How it works:

One friend sends the mystery card blueprintss to the others 

and cards are made using those sketches!


I'm taking it a step further and included a color palette 

and a theme AND giving only 24 hours to create the cards!

Now that's a challenge :)

First, here are my sketches, colors and theme ...

                         And here are my 3 cards together ...

           To make it fair, I decided NOT to make any cards until

the blueprints were send out with only 24 hours to create.

I could not have known, however, that I'd have

the Mondayest Tuesday ever!

So, I had to create quick and on the fly .. 

and to make it easier,

I chose just one summer theme stamp set:  

Penguins in Paradise from My Favorite Things.

Palm trees, penguins in swim trunks, popsicles?!  

Yes, please!

Here's card #1 based on the sketch:

And card #2 ..

And card #3!

For this one, I took a little creative freedom with the sketch

and flipped it upside down!

I have 2 friends joining me in this new challenge:

and their cards on on their blogs as well!

So scrambling last minute aside, this was actually quite fun!

The idea, I think if I'm understanding it correctly,

is to find your mojo, get inspired to create, and just have a lot of fun

during the creative process while joining good friends!

I sure I hope I passed :)

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Oh my goodness... not only did you have a fabulous idea (and invite me to participate), but you also created three of the most adorable cards ever for some refreshing summer fun. Too cute!!!

  2. these are super cute and beautiful and great designs Kelly
    Gr Karin

  3. Those 3 cards were made in record time, congrats on finishing them according to the challenge! that's a really cute penguin in each card too!

  4. So adorable and so bright and happy card with that cute penguin Kelly, gorgeous cards.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  5. WOW!!! I can't understand how you made three fab cards so quickly! You are SO talented for sure!! Love those penguins, the happy colours and the designs!!! Great works!!

  6. Gorgeous cards Kelly and love the Penguins. Big hugs and blessings, Carol S.xxxx

  7. So cute. Lovely bright colours. The penguin is adorable.

  8. Fabulous colourful cards and love the cute penguins
    Carol x

  9. Just so cute Kelly, I love all your designs and colours, such happy cards, Kate x

  10. All 3 cards are so cute. I love all three.

  11. What a fabulously fun idea!! It certainly looks like these delightful penguins know how to have a little summer fun!!