Coffee, Tea and Avacado? Yes, please!


Hi my friends!

I have a new to me technique in cardmaking - 

making my own paper color !

I did, I did!

I'll probably try MAKING my own paper one day, too!


But for now, I deciced to give this a go!

Can I just say ........... SO. MUCH. FUN!

You can see the video here

and .............

there's a giveaway! :)

The pink background is actually paper dyed with avacados!

I boiled them in hot water and then set different papers

into the mixture, varying in weight and quality.

I did the same for tea ........

and coffee!

As in from my Keurig! 

I was not going to volunteer my treasured Starbucks in the name of art :)

Head over to my YouTube channel to enter to win the coffee, tea, etc -

open internationally!

Thanks for watching and 

for your visit today!

Be blessed!



  1. This is so pretty, Kelly! I'm surprised the avocado dye is pink? So cool!

    1. Yes! It's mind boggling! Something about the outer skin and the pit turns the water pink as it releases the chemicals it's born with - super cool! Thanks sweet friend!

  2. Kelly, this is gorgeous! And so creative to use avocado to die the paper. WOW!

  3. Such a pretty card Kelly, I love your design and colours and the butterfly is gorgeous, Kate x

  4. I didn't know about avocado and so surprised it dye pink!! Love the lace on the book paper :)

  5. Oh what a pretty pink the Avocado gave - who would have thought!! Love it. Your card is absolutely gorgeous Kelly. Love that wee touch of lace
    Stay safe

  6. WOW WOW WOW Kelly. I will have to try this. Awesome technique.