RSG: Happy Groundhog's Day!

Hiya friends!
Who's ready to celebrate Happy Groundhog's Day?!

Apparently, my husband!

Today's the day that Barb, Jeanette and I post our cards for the
Ready, Set, Go! Challenge.
That's a challenge we have once a month that's a bit ... well .... extreme!
It's usually a challenge that's a little more out of the box but always great fun.
Barb is our hostess and she asked us to create a card with this:

 Ask your spouse the following questions and record the answers for your card.
  1--What is their favorite color?
2.  Name a number between 1-5?  
 3--Name a holiday or occasion--does not need to be their favorite.  
Then--make a card for that holiday or occasion, with their favorite color as a prominent focal point and use the number they stated somehow in the card.  
 The key is not tell them why you are asking the questions until the answers are given!  
 Ready? Set. Go!

I LOVE Barb's challenge!

It was even fun-ner after hearing my husband's very strange answers, LOL!
(I know all the answers by heart and he only got the color correct - 
the rest, I'm blaming it on his recent surgery and some really good medicine!)

He gave me blue (check!), 5 (the huh?) and Groundhog's Day (okay, then!)
Yep, the one that was back in February when the world waited to see if
 Punxsutawney Phil would see his shadow or not after a long winter's nap.

  When the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray first came out,
my husband LOVED it!
He's watched it many times over on repeat (kinda like premise of the movie)
so I'm guessing maybe there as a spark of something something ;)

Back to my card!
I, naturally, don't have a single groundhog stamp ...
So, I did the next best thing and found a Whipper Snapper Gopher
in my stash. They kinda sorta in a furry animal kinda way look similiar
so said to myself ...

"Self! It. will. do! 
 Just gopher it!"

Heehee!  See what I did there? :)

 This image is also a nod to Barb who got me into Whipper Snapper
stamps 100 years ago a few years ago with her
 Whipper Snapper card swaps and living close to Creative Pals
(which she lovingly calls Home Of The Whipper Snapper Stamps!) ♥
She has a HUGE collection - I know, I've seen it with my own eyeballs!
AND, I had the joy of going with the Wisconsin Squad to Creative Pals
and I can attest, it's a toy store for crafters! 

1. Blue is the card base and the balloon,
2. The Gopher represents the Groundhog for Groundhog's Day 
3. I have 5 layers on the card, plus 5 buttons just for good measure!
I added the fun wonky number paper as a nod towards Groundhog Day movie.
The day keeps repeating over and over and each time, 
and every day he wakes up, it's February 2nd!

Thanks Barb for this month's challenge!
You can see her card here and Jeanette's card here
and we'll be back next month with another fun challenge :)

Thanks for stopping by!
Big hugs, bigger blessings ♥



  1. FABulous post Kelly, and love your cute card..and I just have to add, being insane or not..how much ground could a groundhog grind if a groundhog could grind ground..I don't know, something from my childhood I gues..lol..well, I hope so.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. LOL - great post. And I agree, the gopher "will do" perfectly. I too am a big fan of that movie.

  3. What a very sweet and fun creation Kelly!! Love that image and your fun little story to go with it! HUGS :)

  4. A brilliant fun card Kelly and certainly fills the brief!! Love the little guy and a perfect choice. Big hugs and blessings, Carol S.xxxx

  5. Another fun card Kelly!! The Gopher representing the Groundhog is so cute and fun with the balloon! :D Great take of the theme!!
    Big hugs!

  6. Love it! You did a lot better with this than I would have! Such a fun challenge and a great card too! Hope Hubby is feeling a little better!

  7. Haha, fabulous GH day card.xx

  8. Your birthday design with "Phil" is fun and colorful!! Sure to cheer the person who receives it, no matter how old they are!! Great design, Kelly!

  9. Kelly, I giggled so hard as I read your post... your way with words catches me every time. And I also had to giggle because my husband picked what I considered a challenging holiday, too!

    I love your card - in its blue, 5, gopher-iness turned groundhog splendor. FUN!!!

  10. Haha, your post made me laugh!! And oh my gosh, I love the card!! That gopher/groundhog is too darn cute!! This makes me smile!! It's so fun!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. I LOVE it! And, I LOVE You! This post just makes me smile and I love the card too. And, I think the challenge was a hoot and you rocked it!

  12. its adorable card!