Stamp What?! ~ YUKON !

Hi friends!

It's the start of a brand new week
and I hope your Monday is off to a good start :)
This week is going to be JAM PACKED with cards for me ~
I've got lots of craftingl and lots of cardmaking to do ...

Today's card is courteousy of my teenage son ~ in 2 ways!
He chose the stamps and he created the idea of this monthly challenge. 
We call them my 'Old Dusties!'

 Back in January, we started chatting about stamps and card making.
He's a sweet and thoughtful boy
and probably one of my biggest cheerleaders ♥
We spoke out Stampin Up and how I next to never use them anymore.

He said "I have an idea!"

I'll pick a stamp set for you, you won't know what it is, 
and you have to make a card with it.


This month, he chose one of my VERY favorite sets: 

Last month, he chose another bear set (though it was camping!)
and I always ask how he choses the stamp that month.

Me:  I LOVE THIS ONE!  THANK YOU!  How'd you chose this?'

Him:  'When you called me,  I was playing PS4 with my friends
and you said you needed one - 
so I grabbed the one next to the one I chose last time.
And I love the outdoors."


This set is from 2002 
and only ONE stamp in this set was ever inked up. 
This is definitely a KEEPSIES!

Here's my card, 
created by masking the moose and bear and mountains
and coloring with copic markers.
The sky is harder to see as I colored it a very light lavendar 
and I just loved creating this beautiful scene.

 I invited Barb and Jeanette to jump in with this challenge
and these two friends are always down to join
the crazy ideas I come up with!

What's new since 2002 with this Yukon set?

1. I used stitched dies, which we didn't have back then
2. I colored this entirely with copic markers, which I didn't own back then.
I encourage you to look through your old stash, too!
Dust them off, take them out and let them get inky!

Thanks for stopping by ...
Big hugs, bigger blessings!


  1. Kelly, your card is gorgeous! Love how you created the scene!!! And what fun to see how things have changed since 2002. ;)

    Your son is a hoot! I loved hearing how he chose this set!

  2. Wow Kelly, I do remember this stamp set. I never got it as I didn't think I would have any use for it back then, actually I just didn't know how to pull it together. You did a great job with this card. Your sky is very pretty and the animals look like they are enjoying themselves. The only stamp my daughter ever picked out was the Castle and dragon set. I got it as a freebie at one of my parties. She used it when it came and made a game with it for one of her classes....got an A....I never was very clever with that set. It is a fun idea to do the blast from the past sets...I should maybe try that myself as I have way too many sets that haven't seen ink.....Great job on this card.

  3. What a wonderful card Kelly and a great choice of stamps by your son. Love the scene you've created and the images, Kate x

  4. Fabulous design Kelly and your son has great taste too!

    June x

  5. Beautiful card and stamped scene Kelly..Loz

  6. Awww.... So fresh and adorable scene!! I would love being on that place, here it's so hot!!! :D
    Great choice from your daughter!! :)
    Hope you are well!
    Big hugs!

  7. Another stunning card Kelly - love that you have made this wonderful scene with the stamps :)
    Stay safe

  8. Wish I owned that old dusty! What a fabulous set, Kelly!!