RSG: Woodstock!

Hi friends!

It's Self Portrait Day!

And this is me!


no way could I fit into these skinny jeans! :)~

Today's card is for the new round of Ready, Set, Go!

It's basically a fancy way of saying I started a card challenge

with extreme, out of the box, and definitely way different themes :)

Each month, Barb and Jeanette and I take turns coming up with 

ideas that are not for the faint of heart creative!

This month, Barb chose our theme and it is FANTABULOUS!

Normally, I'm scrambling to figure out what to do

and this time I had so many ideas, I tried to figure out which one to do!

 We post on August 18th and that was the last day of Woodstock in 1969 (no, I was not in attendance…)   So—the theme is the word Woodstock.  You can think of the 60’s and go that route.  Or music and create a project with that theme.  Or, use part of the word Woodstock and make wood your theme.  Your Card—Your Project—Your Choice!

Thanks, Barb!

For my card, I decided to go total hippie. 

Tie die, bell bottom jeans, flower crown ...... yes ma'am!

Woodstock was the musical phenomenon on August 15-18, 1969

and I FOR SURE wasn't there, lol.

But I've always been a hippie at heart

and groovy and peace are part of my vocab :)

AND I drive a red Jeep Wrangler 4 x 4 

and that whole peace sign/Jeep wave .. it's a THING!

My background for this card is always part of the whole tie-dye era and 

that for sure hasn't gone out of style.

And, of course, happy is always in style!

  The stamp is from Stamp Anniething and sentiment from CZ Design.

And that's it for this card!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Kelly, your self portrait looks fabulous! You are hip, cute, and oh so fun! Love your take on Barb's theme! (I will admit, I thought you'd use a Woodstock stamp, but I love the surprise of finding this cutie instead.)

  2. Love this selfie--or self portrait! The colors are fantastic and I am just smiling, thinking of you as a hippie!

  3. Far out! Love the colors and the cute card.

    Had to laugh at the Jeep wave. Most people don't know it's real. We have a Ford Raptor and every time we see one I always yell, "Brother Raptor". [Bunny]

  4. So sweet Kelly! Love that cool and hip background!!

  5. great and super cute Kelly

    gr karin

  6. That girl takes me back Kelly!! Great card and love the colours. Big hugs and blessings, Carol S.xxxx

  7. Fabulous and fun card Kelly - you have captured the era fabulously
    Stay safe

  8. Peace and love my friend :D I FOR SURE wasn't there too!! LOL because I was seven years old, and in Italy! But always loved Woodstock idea. Fabulous card!!! Love your self-portrait :D and the background is just amazing too!

  9. This card is adorable. It is so spot on for the challenge. Great job. Love the background and image.