One Plus Twelve: August!

 Hi friends!

It's time for another round of my absolute favorite card series:
One Plus Twelve!

This is my 3rd year of doing this personal card challenge,
designed to stretch the use of my stamps in a creative way.
I chose a stamp
- and just one - 
and use it all year long for each of the 12 months.
You can peek here to see how it all started :)

And for this month, I'm sharing the one I made for my VSN challenge, 

Not to worry!
Nothing spooky, no potions, and Merlin won't show up waving a wand :)

It's SO EASY and the results are just breathtaking!

I don't mean my card ....
I mean the TECHNIQUE :)

Speaking of my card ...

Here it is - underwhelming that it is!
I had another one to share - in gorgeous shades of blue
and a 3D version of this one.
But .......
I could not find it.

Not here, not there, not anywhere!

I think, truly, I must have signed it and mailed it away
because I can't find it OR my pictures of it :(

And it sure was pretty :/

My 2 friends Barb and Jeanette are also playing along this year
and you can see their cards on their blogs today or whenever posted.

Creating this card, I stamped the image for 2021:
Altenew's Buid-a-flower Magnolia in Hero Arts White Unicorn.
Once it was dry, I used my Arteza colored pencils to fill in the black space with color, and added a heat embossed sentiment.
Easy peasy!

From shades of blue or shades of purple,
I wish you a day filled with color and happiness!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Such a striking and beautiful card and very dramatic on the dark card stock Kelly x.

  2. Kelly, the black magic technique looks fabulous on your card. WOW! This is stunning!

  3. Just gorgeous! Love the technique.

  4. Amazing!!!! Love this card, such great technique and stamp!

  5. A stunning card and love the beautiful flower. I used to do this with painting with bleach. The one problem was, not all dark card would do it!! Big hugs and blessings, Carol S.xxxx

  6. I think this is just stunning. I love the colors. [Bunny]

  7. Absolutely stunning card Kelly, I love the glower and it's colours and the black background just makes it all pop, Kate x

  8. This is beautiful Kelly - love the these gorgeous colours. If you ever find the blue one, please share :)
    Stay safe