Stamp What?! ~ Just checkin in!

 Hi friends!

Today's post is for the monthly card series Stamp What?!

started by my son one say coming home from school :)

We were chatting about my "Old Dusties", 

the really, REALLY old (nothing current)

Stampin' Up! stamp sets that were collecting dust

 and he encouraged me to use them.

The name:  Stamp = Stampin' Up

What = What willl he chose!

He choses it - I use it!

I never know what he will bring down the hall and I love


to ask him why he chose a particular one - 

sometimes at random, sometimes because 'it looked cool!"

This month:

Best of Cluck

circa 2005!

Me:  Super cute!  Why did you chose this one?

Him:  Because I thought of your chicken soup :)

He's right!

He's been sick. Very, very sick.

101+ fever, vomiting, dehydrated and we've been super worried.

But, he is better and a very watchful mama has been doting on him

and he's on the mend, PTL!

So naturally, he's thinking of chicken - and apparently chicken soup! -

that I made for him while he was unable to really eat much.

Onward ... my card!

I still think this was one of the best SU! catalog releases!

This stamp set included :)

This is one of those classic sets that is still fun to use today!

Be sure to check out Barb and Jeanette's cards, too!

I'll be continuing this challenge next year 

and he and I will continue the fun!

Thanks for stopping by 

and wishing you a beautiful Sunday!



  1. This is so fun and happy, and also has a masculine feel. :) Great choice of stamp by your son and sweet memory together!

  2. Kelly, I'm sorry your son has been so sick. I know you've kept a watchful eye and brought him back to better health. It's sweet that he chose a chicken stamp set because it reminded him of your soup. Your card is adorable!

  3. So cute! Such a fun idea. I can see the chicken reminding him of your soup. Glad he is improving or better.

  4. Super cute! Love that he chose that stamp, because of the chicken soup! He's so thoughtful. So glad he is on the mend!

  5. That's so good to hear that your Son is on the mend Kelly, and how wonderful that he thought of your chicken soup, always will make a sick boy feel that bit better.
    Lovely card, the chicken stamp is brilliant, great design, Kate x

  6. So happy that your Son is feeling a lot better Kelly and chicken soup is always a go to in this house! your card is really lovely hugs Sue x

  7. Wow - didn't realise your lad had been so ill - good to hear he is on the mend!
    Love this card Kelly - it's a real cutie
    Stay safe

  8. Kelly I am hoping your special guy is feeling much better. I bet the soup was yummy as well. This is a fun bright and fabulous card! Great job.

  9. Your card is so dang cute. I am so happy that Tony is feeling better--with mama's help and love!

  10. This is so cute! And yes Chicken soup is magic. Works for me anyway.