RSG: One of these things!!

One of these things ...
is not like the other!

Growing up, that was a common saying in my house!
My mum used to say that to my brother and I.
He's just a little over a year older than me 
and we could not have been more opposite!
She's laugh and say "One of these is NOT like the other!" 

Hello there friends! 

I'm in a little card group with 2 friends called Ready, Set, Go
where, once a month, we create a card that's a little more challenging.
It's a group I made up one night when I probably should have been sleeping!
Since I'm the hostess this month,
the challenge is "Opposites attrach ~ switch it up
 and add 2 things that don't necessarily belong on a card."

For my card, I'm combining one of my FAV-O-RITE things - critters! ♥
I've used, of course, another favorite - My Favorite Things stamps.
I can't resist anything Birdie Brown :)

The direction I was going in my card went WAY off course,
so this card is completely as planned an improvisation!
I have a winter scene of the Alaskan arctic with snowy mountains
and cute polar bears with the aurora borealis
and ....... omgostrich, it's an ostrish!
In the arctic?

 My background panel is one that mimics the aurora borealis  ♥
The polar bear cuties are ones I colored during The Daily Marker
and I hope to add all the images colored to cards eventually!
At least I'm one card down now ~ woot!
 The stamps sets I've used are My Favorite Things
Polar Bear Pals and Oh My Gostrich

You can see Barb's card here
and Jeanette's card here.

 Here's another funny photo I found with this theme ...
I thought this photo of 'one of these things is not like the other' was so funny!
I actually had to look twice before I saw it!

Thanks for stopping by today!
School started this week and wore me out
and tonight is a feet up, jammies on kind of night.
Monday will be here again in a blink ;)
Big hugs, bigger blessings ♥


  1. Ha!! Ha!! What fun!! Fabulous card, Kelly!!

  2. SO STINK'IN CUTE, Kelly!!!! LOL LOVE your card & LOVE your photo of the Pink Flamingos! LOL SOOO CUTE!!! ;)<3

  3. A very lovely and humorous card with a great layout. Superb photo too that made me smile, thank you x

  4. I also had to look for a bit longer. The swan in the middle of all the pink. Is it an ugly duckling? I think not. TFS!

  5. I enjoyed reading your blog post and had a little chuckle at the photo at the end x What an adorable card, love the background and the critters and what a fun idea with the ostrich x.

  6. Fabulous fun card and love the swan in the middle of the flamingos maybe thought it was a yoga class lol
    Carol x

  7. Kelly, your RSG card is super fun... you had me with Alaska. ;) And then there's that adorable ostrich peeking around the mountain. Adorable!