Happy Hugs!

 Hi friends!

What start with an H and wraps around you with big squishies?
Happy Hugs!

 Today's class cards were taught by the absolutely lovely Laura Bassen ~
one of my biggest card stars ♥
Her sense of humor and use of color and whimsy just make me smile!

This is my duo of cards based on her class ~
and yes,
we fancy!

We dipped in gold! 


Okay, I would just like to state

~ for the record ~

this card is really pretty in real life!

I know, I know ...
it looks like I found it under my couch after it's been there for a month!

Let me 'splain!
I did a rustic gold dipping ... I wasn't going for perfect lettering
or lines and when I did my dipped gold, it looked a little ......... off. 

So I took the letter S and peeled the gold foil up a little bit
and loved how it looked a little weathered
so I repeated that for the rest of the letters.
I promise it looks super  ~
it just photographed a little more on the funky side!

 For this card, I used the only letter die cuts I own - Spellbinders Grand Shapeabilities.
I carried the same color palette through to both cards.

And there's a 3rd card!
I will probably post that at a later time :)
 And I'm definitely sending happiness your way!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Big hugs, bigger blessings ♥

Card entiered to: Southern Girls Challenge


  1. Wonderful card Kelly and I've also really liked the sentiment too

    June x

  2. So glitzy and gorgeous! I love these cards, Kelly!

  3. Beautiful cards Kelly and wonderful colours, Kate x

  4. These are all awesome! Love the bright cheery colors and the creative way to show you care!

  5. Fabulous cards and gold letters Kelly..loz

  6. Great cards! Wonderful sentiments

  7. How gorgeous Kelly - you really have had a ball at 'camp'. Are you doing the next one?
    Stay safe

  8. We could all use a big HUG right about now!! These cards are fabulous! So bold and bright, Kelly!