One Plus Twelve ~ June!

Hi friends!

I hope wherever you are in the world,
 you know you are thought of and loved!
Even though the world has gone crazy pants and civil unrest prevails,
I send my biggest hugs and warmest thoughts to all of you 


Today's card is the June card my One Plus Twelve personal card challenge,
where I take just one stamp and use it all year long, twelve times!
The idea behind it was to use my stamps in a more productive way
instead of just once - or not seeing ink at all :)~

For June, I've invested in a new set of markers - the Karin markers.

I've seen many of the colorists I follow on YouTube use them
and after my friend Darlene mentioned a coupon special, I jumped!

{Scroll down to see a more in depth chat}

For this month's One Plus Twelve, I decided to try a watercolor wash - Tie Dye!
My daughter recently made matching tie-dye tshirts for her and her daughter
and that was a nice springboard for inspiration!
I used the Karin markers and water for an organic watercolor wash,
basically letting the water do the magic.
The fun part - you 'll never get the same look twice!

This was a hesitant purchase as I wasn't sure how I'd like them,
and decided against spending the $100+ for a larger set
 and settled on the 26 set.

Overall, I'm seeing some interesting possibilities with them
and did some comparison swatches with other water markers.
The results were interesting :)
I love how organic they are and the colors marry very well
but I'm not sure these are ones I'd reach for every day.
I think I made the right choice :)

Barb's card is here and Jeanette's card is here
as both of them are joining me in this challenge this year
with their own stamp choices.

Time to scoot!
Big hugs, bigger blessings 


  1. Love the watercolour tie-dye effect my youngest grandaughter (10yrs)did a tee-shirt earlier in the year looked brilliant
    carol x

  2. I love this card. You will have fun with your new markers I am sure. Love the picture of Buddy and your new purchase!

  3. What a beautifully coloured flower Kelly - you did a superb job with your new markers.
    Love Alice's wee cleaner there in the photo :)
    Stay safe

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Kelly, beautifully designed and coloured.
    I've seen quite a few designers using them, and giving them good reviews, Kate x x

  5. WOW! Beautiful job with your Karin markers! Your card is gorgeous! I don't know how you found time to make a card, though, with the cute vacuum waiting for some cleaning time, and the sweet eyes, surely asking "Mama" to go on a walk.

  6. How fun to try out the new markers- such soft and pretty results in coloring! I had these in a cart the other day and did not finish the transaction..... But I do love the effect you have achieves Did you use them straight from the marker or diluted with water and water colored on???
    Beautiful card!!!

  7. I love the rainbow tie dye look of your flowers! I have been seeing a lot about the Karin markers, too, but do I really need another set of w/c? :D But this result is gorgeous. Thanks for joining us at Happy Little Stampers for the Watercolour Challenge!