Winter card camp ~ Sticky fingers!


Hi friends!

*This is a picture heavy post! I took a lot of pictures because I had a lot of 

mishaps and what not to do ~ scoll down to see just the card

or ALL THE WAY THROUGH to see the whole process!*

It's the last day of winter card camp with our final class

and today's class from Jeanette is all about using glue!

It was a huge learning curve and took me awhile

but I decided to stick with it :)

Today's theme: Using school glue as a base coat for the card

and then blend a distress ink on top of that!

To skip the blog post, here is my card:

I'm a visual learner and tried my best to follow the tutorial 

but did have some struggles along the way.

 In case you are reading this and want to give this a go,

I'll share with you 2 problems that I ran into so you won't have them!

The technique requires an acrylic block, acetate or layering tool.

I didn't have an acrylic block and even used an old wooden stamp block

and didn't want it to smoosh around with acetate.

So I improvised and used this .........

a sponge brush.

You may remember that from this creative adventure! 

Next, I started swiping into the regular school glue and I ran 

into problem #2 ~ it's too thick.

I tried another glue (name brand, fancy schmancy) - same result.

I decided to just dilute it and added a teaspoon of warm water and


The first couple 'passed' with the brush sponge were JUICY!

I mean, it was on there like stripes on candy cane!

For the next one, I squeezed a lot of it out before adding it to the base

and it gave it was beautiful lightwash texture -

a lot like what you'd see when you paint a wall.

I made 5 base panels and this reminds me SO MUCH of gesso.

I let them dry - they took over 3 hours total because there was 

one or two tiny spots that were persistent :)

Finally, I used the mini stamping tool to blend and just chose

random distress oxides because I had NO IDEA what I was going to 

make with the completed panels.

I thought "Choose blue!  You can't go wrong with something blue!"

Here are 3 and you can really see how the glue gives it

a great balance between the smooth parts and texture.

Because I'm not really in a creative spirit right now,

I took the easy way out and just went with flowers.

After stamping and die cutting the flowers,

I decided to use light blue as a background and teal blue for leaves.

And after glueing it all down, I added a sentiment and done!

And that's my card and the wrap up of our friends

winter camp with 4 different tutorials!

The hilarious part - as I was cleaning up and getting rid of the glue,

I maybe have accidentally invented another technique!

Stick around - it may be coming up soon in a blog post :)

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Your cards are stunning! I will need to try again and add more glue to my base. Your colors are awesome and of course you used flowers! Beautiful Card!

  2. Oh my goodness, Kelly - your card is jaw-dropping gorgeous! And your step-by-step of the process is fabulous, too! Thanks for embracing this idea so beautifully!

  3. Well, it certainly turned out beautiful!! What gorgeous blossoms, Kelly!! And an awesome card!

  4. Fabulous florals! Thanks for the step by step - more sticky inspiration!

  5. Beautiful colors! Glad you stuck with it. TFS!

  6. Another fab technique, Kelly!! Great you changed it and have something new!! LOVE the result, your card looks just amazing! Fab colours, textures and flowers!!!

  7. Beautiful floral card Kelly and the colours are amazing, beautifully designed, Kate x

  8. A great read and love the end result Kelly. The flowers are beautiful and a gorgeous design. Have a lovely weekend. Big hugs and blessings, Carol S.xxxx

  9. Such an interesting technique. The colors are beautiful. I love the flowers.

  10. What a great series of tutorials you four ladies have provided, and I love your take on this one - and the results!! Fabulous work Kelly - looking forward to the new technique :)
    Stay safe

  11. Beautiful card. Great description of the technique and it looks like an interesting technique as well. I think I'd like to try it. Great job on this.