Let's See in '23!


Hi friends!

This is my August card for my card challenge Let's See in '23

where I take one stamp and use it all year long.

You can see the idea here in my original debute post

and this is my 4th year of this fantastic challenge!

And, shhhh, it's actually my favorite challenge!

I invited 2 friends to join me in this challenge years ago

and they are Jeanette and Barb

who post on the scheduled days of the 3rd of the month.

You can see the video for this card on my YouTube channel

and use that hashtag #funcardfriday for your cards, too!

So for August ~

I've channeling some Lavender Haze!

Heeeeeey #swifties

I chose Waffle Flower Crafts Larkspur for this year's stamp

and watercolored 1. the background and 2. the flower!

I do have to say, I'm no Albrecht Durer but I am

loving the turnout!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Kelly this is gorgeous - love your colour palette, and the end result is beautiful

  2. Kelly, this is stunning!!! Love your color hues!

  3. A gorgeous card. Love the vellum.