One Plus Twelve - May!

 Hi friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
It's a nice, quiet Sunday here for us 
and my daughter and I are enjoying watching musicals :)
We're the only 2 in the family that enjoy them
so it's a singing kind of afternoon! 

Which makes for a beautiful day!

 Today is the day that I post my card for the One Plus Twelve - 
an idea I had last year to take one stamp
~ and just one stamp ~
and use it all year long, creating twelve cards, one for each month!

The idea came to me when I realized many of my stamps
were never seeing ink or getting much use.
It's been a creative, adventurous process ... that's for sure!

and I chose it because it matches my Word Of The Year: Bloom ♥

For this month's card, I had an image of what a nice card idea would be.
A nice contrast with a black and white stamped image
 with a colorful one opposite but I wasn't too crazy about the outcome!

So I did the next best thing ~
designer paper!
That's what we have it for, amiright!


And I actually really like how it turned out!
Barb and Jeanette have joined me again this year on this venture
and you can see their cards, too.

And I'm wishing you a wonderful day!

Thanks for stopping by!
Big hugs, bigger blessings ♥


  1. Kelly, this is such a pretty card! I'm really loving how you added the stamped image uncolored with that lovely designer paper. Very creative!

  2. That is beautiful with the contrast. Have fun with the musicals.

  3. Love your 'save' Kelly, this is a gorgeous card - yes, patterned paper can hide a multitude of errors :)
    Stay safe

  4. It worked out beautifully, Kelly! So simple yet very effective!

  5. Wow, your card turned out very beautiful, yes, I also use more paper nowadays ! Hugs, Enny

  6. It's a lovely card Kelly, beautifully designed and with such pretty paper too, Kate x

  7. VERY pretty card Kelly! Love that patterned paper against the white.

  8. Kelly--this is such a pretty card. I love the contrast of the colored patterned paper full of flowers and the black and white stamped image. Too Cool!

  9. beautiful card kelly...loz

  10. I love your style, Kelly!! This card is awesome!

  11. Super colour combo Kelly and the contrast using your stamp is eye catching

    June x

  12. What a beautiful card Kelly!! Love the happy colors and pretty florals!! Hope you're doing well and happy my friend! HUGS