Sweet Award!

One of the BEST blessings about blogging is keeping in touch with friends and making new ones along the way!  One of those new friends I've met in blogland is Andrea ~  She is so sweet and included me in her list of 8 peeps to pass on this award to .... thank you!  I'm truly humbled :)   One of the rules for accepting this award is to pass it on to 8 more blogging friends and list 8 things about me ........ so here goes!

1..   I married my High School sweetheart (my Fab dh!) and we're still going strong, 27 years and 4 kids later ;)

2.  I love the sound of rain!

3. I always dreamed of being a writer and wrote short stories and poetry since Middle School. In High School, I had a teacher tell me I had no talent and to stop wasting the world’s time with worthless script :( It broke my heart and I put down the pen for many, many years. I ended up running into her at our HS reunion and said hello ~ she said “oh, I remember you! You were the wonderful, creative writer! Are you a journalist? Author?” I learned later that she had been going through a nasty, bitter divorce and hated the world and was mean-spirited due to personal reasons…. And no, I never did tell her that she crushed my world!

4. I’m a book geek! I browse bookstores for hours and speed read – I often read a book or two a day when time permits. I just got a Kindle for Christmas so I’m REALLY stoked!

5. I absolutely ADORE cooking …. I think I was a chef in a former life. I love to try new foods and flavors and prepare dishes from just about everywhere.

6 . I’m a vegetarian ~ meat in any form gives me the heebie jeebies! I do buy/prepare it for my carnivorous family, but I won’t go anywhere near it.

7. My dream vacation is to go white water rafting … preferably before I get too old to go!

8. I celebrated my 40th birthday with my dh, children and my mom in Walt Disney World :) Right at the exact minute I turned 40, the night fireworks went off at the castle and my daughter said “Mommy! That was for you!” I’ll never forget it :)

Passing this on is really hard, especially since I have so many wonderful blogging friends, but I thank the following 8 friends that inspire me each and every day ....

Heather - My sistah in Christ and faithful prayer buddy :)
Yuki ~  xiumaiyuki!
Jeanette, Lorie, Michelle and Susan - The best litter of kittens evah!
Carol - "just one more order......"  rofl!
Kate  :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Dh and dd14 are about to arrive after a 5 day trip away from home and I cannot wait!!  x0x0


  1. well nice to learn about you, thanks for dropping by today!

  2. congrats--you deserve it!

  3. Well, you certainly are stylish, darling! Love your story about the fireworks at DW on your birthday! Aw, thanks for passing this along. You're the bestest mother cat evah! {HUG}

  4. Your blog is certainly stylish. I love to read the answers, I didn't know you were THAT old...lol!

  5. Congrats!!! So deserving, with all your creativity. Love all the little tidbits.

  6. I'm with you on 1, 4, and 5...sometimes 2...only love the sound of rain when I'm at home and crafting. :o)

    Congrats on the fabulous award! Your 40th birthday celebration sounded awesome! I got goosebumps and teary reading about the fireworks...couldn't happen to a better lady! :o)

  7. Wowza! I didn't know you had FOUR kids!

  8. Thank you so much for passing this along to me! What an honour! It's been a delight to read through this post and learn more about you too. :)
    (It's not too late to follow your dreams. If you want to write - write!!)

  9. Congrats on the award. I am so sorry you had a teacher use words to hurt you so much, that really stinks. I had an art teacher make fun of a drawing I did one time and for many, many years, I thought I had no artistic talent. Makes you really consider the words you use when interacting with children know.

  10. Congrats to a VERY Stylish Blogger! Loved learning more about you! Girl, you are a brave soul wanting to go white-water rafting...eeek!! That has always scared me! :)

  11. Thanks, Kelly!

    Love ya,